The University of Michigan - What Makes It So Good

All of us want to obtain high-class education; that’s why the choice of place to study must be taken seriously. If you think that choosing the most famous and prestigious institution is the right approach, you are wrong. Many less known universities and colleges can offer outstanding education and open a lot of opportunities for you. But we’re here to talk about Michigan University. This institution is a public research university that was founded in 1817. It’s ranked as the best public university in America.
Nearly half of all prospective applicants have thought about applying to this university. Some think that they’re not good enough to do it, others are afraid of moving to another city alone. Before we start discussing why the University of Michigan is the best choice, remember that those who have support from close people can make you do impossible things. If finding friends for you as difficult as choosing the place to study, try using the Internet to meet people there. Fling is an online dating service. Register on it to meet new interesting people and make connections. Read fling review to understand what it is and how to use it.

Excellent academics

It’s the main criterion for selecting the university. The approximate number of degree programs at the University of Michigan is 275, so you’ll find the major that interests you. Here are 14 undergraduate schools and colleges for transfer and freshmen students. Anthropology, biomedical engineering, business, nursing, music — these are only a few majors from the huge list. The highest academic degree awarded in this university is Bachelor’s, but it doesn’t prevent the university from teaching high-class specialists.

Opportunities to study abroad

This university aims at teaching people who can adapt to a rapidly changing world; that’s why it promotes obtaining a global education. Those students who want to get international experience must choose Michigan because it partners with many world-famous universities all over the world and let their students study abroad, participate in volunteering or internship. You surely want to get the experience related to your further job.

Excellent athletics

Besides the university has a huge football stadium, its athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division I and participate in the Big Ten conference. Michigan Wolverines is a world-famous college football team that won a lot of championships. The overall number of teams in university is 31. Students can be engaged in basketball, football, gymnastics, cross country, swimming, lacrosse, and so on.

Good location

Ann Arbor is one of the best college towns in the USA. The campus of the university is large enough and is full of necessary facilities. Students can move about the city by bike, the infrastructure of the town suits it. There are a lot of museums and exhibitions to visit, so be sure that you and your friends won’t get bored in Ann Arbor.

Large student body

The overall enrollment at the University of Michigan is almost 40,000 students. A friendly community won’t let you feel alone, and you’ll always find support from groupmates and teachers. The low drop-out rate at the University of Michigan suggests that students are satisfied with studying and living there. The huge number of positive reviews proves this opinion.